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Banfield Pet Hospital at 12142 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, Virginia

Banfield Pet Hospital is healthcare, which located in Virginia. They address is 12142 Jefferson Avenue.
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Phone: +1 757-881-9075


12142 Jefferson Avenue,
Newport News, Virginia
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Customer Reviews about Banfield Pet Hospital

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    My dog got injured with a small cut on her ankle. I called my vet tech friend in California and recorded the cut for her to see if it's anything serious for the emergency room. She showed it to her veterinarian and They told me it's nothing serious that needs to be taken to the emergency room. I just needed to clean it, but for me to take her to my vet and have them prescribe antibiotics so she doesn't get an infection. I took her to banfield. they took a look at the cut and immediately said for me to just take her to the emergency because she is going to need stitches. They refused me antibiotics because my dog wasn't actually seen by appointment. If I had an appointment then they would have been able to prescribe the antibiotics. I called my friend's vet in California again, and he said they are insane to think she needs stitches for such a small cut. He suggest I take her to a different vet. So I took her to colony animal hospital (did a walk in by the way) and the dr there said her cut was so small, it is unnecessary for stitches. For me to just keep a cone on her to prevent her from licking the wound. Also the cut isn't even bad enough for antibiotics, i just need to monitor it for a couple of day and if the cut started seeping and draining then for me to call them and they will have antibiotics ready for me. That I didn't even need to bring her back for a visit. I'm definitely changing vet.
    August 02, 2017
    by mailee vang
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    I had my 3 year old on the puppy wellness plan, and currently my 8 month old is on the wellness plan. I will never put another animal on their plan again, nor recommend them to anyone. Save your time and money and go to a real vet!!! They are always under staffed, under trained, some of the girls working there are very rude and have bad customer service skills. Also some of the vets are very careless and always rushing, my 8 mouth old pup had to deal with pain and suffering bc they diagnosed him wrong. When they said they were going to do a skin test, but ''rushed'' and ''eye balled'' it and diagnosed him with atomic dermitis, and cost me a fortune with no results. Later after more money they did the skin test and diagnosed him with dermamites. So if they would of done the job right from the start my puppy wouldnt of suffered as long, and i could of saved alot of money. 9 out of 10 times is a bad experience wether its the girls being rude or writing prescripton amounts and time wrong, to forgetting to print and give your paper work ect... its always something. I will say there is one vet that is always polite,helpfull, and acually cares about your pet. who did her job and properly diagnosed my puppy right and got him the right meds he needs; so a big shout out to Dr. Struble!! If you have a pet in their wellness plan, or going too, I recommend making her the primary dotor for your pet!
    December 19, 2016
    by Alexis Jackson
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    I have 2 dogs and after having been with Banfield for 5 years & the Newport News location for 4 years, I have come to realize it is not a vet that cares about your pets well being. You are just another name in their computer system. BEWARE - they are friendly to your face and to your pet, but don't let that fool you! They do not have your best interests in mind. They are part of a big corporation that is just looking for more and more $ at your pet's expense. My wellness plan is over $650 a year, and they still find ways to take more $ at every visit. The prescriptions got to be too expensive to fill through Banfield, so I began using PetMeds. Though I pay Banfield close to $1000 a year for my two dogs (we go in for visits 3-4+ times a year which is more than my plan covers) they still over looked my pups when it came to filling their prescriptions through PetMeds. Even though I called multiple times to follow up, they lied and denied receiving my prescription request and gave me the run around for over a month until it was "legally too late" to fill my already-paid-for prescription. When asked why they never made us aware of any issues with the meds, there was no excuse. Now my babies will be late for their flea & heart worm pill unless I pay the extra $ to buy the pills directly from Banfield. Not to mention my poor dog has not had his desperately needed allergy pills in a month because of their lack luster performance. When we found 1800PetMeds, a more affordable source for the dogs meds - they found a way to back us into a corner and extort more $ at the expense of my dogs safety and comfort. If you wonder, won't they be liable? No, they are a big corporation and the Newport News branch loves to remind you of that. "You will have to call corporate, we don't handle that here" is the response you get for any complaints you have, or even if you have to remedy a mistake THEY made with your plan. There were even MULTIPLE times where THEY scheduled my dogs comprehensive exams (included in my plan) before my renewal date and tried to charge me $200 when picking them up from their appt. After it happened the first time, I began asking to make sure it wouldn't happen again (though I shouldn't have to). Still, another employee lied and it did happen again, forcing me to go through the same embarrassing situation another time. They don't even deserve one star. Either they have company policies that encourage employees to scam more money out of clients OR the Newport News location has such poorly trained employees that my dogs needs fell through the cracks even though we are very careful and diligent. For pet owners that think of their pet as family, please do not not fall for this corporate con like we did for so long. It's cheaper to go to a local vet, and they will truly care about you and your pets.
    December 04, 2016
    by Allison M
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Banfield Pet Hospital is located at 12142 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, Virginia.